CURRENT TAT (turnaround time) - 5-7 days

Order Your DTF Custom Transfers

Sample Gang Sheet

Bling For Everybody offers custom DTF prints wholesale.

First time printing DTF?  Please read through all of the information below.  Yes, there’s a lot to cover, but, once you have the basics down, you’ll get quality prints without the headache!

There is a 36″ minimum.  Sheets are 22″ wide.  (So the minimum purchase is 22″ inches by 36″.)

All images must be “ganged” in one large PNG.   This maximizes your value and increases our ability to produce orders promptly.   Prepare your gang sheet in a program that produces quality PNG Transparent Background images such as Photoshop, Corel, Silhouette, or Canva PRO

** OR – use our new Gang Builder Tool !  

Once your PNG or art is submitted, there can be no edits, but you may cancel the order if printing has not started.  We have a quick turnaround, so don’t delay if you need to cancel the order.

We are NOT responsible for images uploaded with low dpi/quality.  If you have a gang sheet with low dpi artwork and save the gang png for printing at 300dpi, your images are still low quality.  Each individual image should meet the minimum quality requirement for a good print.  If you have used a program to “erase background,” be sure to check for stray pixels.  If there are stray pixels, they WILL be white on your final print.

Shipping is flat rate – $9 UPS

Prints are shipped ROLLED and are not cut apart.

If your order contains trademark or copyright images, you will be required to sign a release form stating you have the right to print the artwork and releasing Bling for Everybody of any liability.

Have your Art Ganged
and Ready?


1 – Must be in PNG format with Transparent Background.  Gang sheets should be set up at 22″ wide and up to 120″ long.  If you have more than that, break it into multiple gang sheets.

2 – Gang Sheets are printed as received – meaning what you give us is what you get back as prints.  Verify your images are at the right size.  See our Size Recommendations chart

3 – Your PNG must be high resolution.  We recommend 300dpi or higher for best results.

4 – Colors will be modified for CMYK profile.  We will not match colors.

5 – NAME your file with the DATE and YOUR NAME.  ie  090123_imagename_YOURNAME

6 – Please note, there is a maximum upload file size limit of 128mb.  (If your file it too large to upload, please provide a dropbox or google link to the print file in the designated box of the form.)

Here’s how to create a link to share a file from Dropbox.

7 – You will be invoiced once your Gang Sheet has been received.  Production will begin once payment has been received.